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Phony Personal Injury Claim

Marathon racing chiropractor will serve five months in jail for phony personal injury claim

Fraudulent Slip and Fall Insurance Claim

Contemplating filing a Fraudulent Slip and Fall Insurance Claim?  Think again!

Slip and Fall Injury and Comparative Negligence

Determining who is at fault in a Slip and Fall Comparative Negligence Case can be complicated. There is always the potential problem of shared responsibility.  Another problem is locating the responsible party. A personal injury lawyer will need to conduct an in-depth investigation of the slip and fall injury to determine fault or partial fault of each party […]

Slip and Fall Accident

Philadelphia Slip and Fall Accident Attorney discusses Property Owners Maintenance Responsibility

Slip and Fall Injury

If you have been injured in a Slip and Fall accident, you will need the assistance of a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Injury Attorney A Slip and Fall injury will include include just about any fall that occurs on someone else’s premises. In the broader context, it includes a “Trip and Fall” injury.  The type of […]

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