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Choosing your Lawyer

Review top rated Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyers to select your attorney. Lawyers have different styles in how they handle cases, and you want a Philadelphia personal injury lawyer who best represents you and your needs.  Philadelphia personal injury lawyers vary in experience and training.   Philadelphia personal injury lawyer results vary, too. How do you go about choosing […]

Car Accident Advice

Car Accident Advice from Philadelphia Personal Injury Lawyer, John Fox.   What are my rights when the driver that caused the accident left the accident scene before the police came?

Pedestrian Personal Injury

Pedestrian Personal Injury case settles for a record breaking $22 million.  Father of plaintiff says that now “everyone knows the truth.” A New York City woman who suffered numerous life altering injuries after a hit-and-run pedestrian personal injury accident has settled with the truck driver and his employer for $22 million.  

Cider Personal Injury

Cider personal injury lawsuit filed against popular New Jersey donut shop A female from New Jersey will not be dunking a donut into her coffee anytime soon.  She has, in fact, filed suit against Dunkin’ Donuts stating that her thighs now have disfiguring scars as a result of the chain’s hot apple cider, which scorched […]

Donut Shop Car Accident

Donut Shop Car Accident leaves one injured Talk about a startling wake-up call!  One individual went to Torresdale Frankford Hospital this morning after an out of control car crashed into a Dunkin’ Donuts.

Horse-race Personal Injury

Horse-race Personal Injury victim in the “race of his life.”

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