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Slip and Fall Injury

If you have been injured in a Slip and Fall accident, you will need the assistance of a Philadelphia Slip and Fall Injury Attorney A Slip and Fall injury will include include just about any fall that occurs on someone else’s premises. In the broader context, it includes a “Trip and Fall” injury.  The type of […]

Car Accidents and Texting

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer discusses Texting while Driving Many tragic accidents involve texting.  No one texts thinking that their text will result in a tragedy.  But it can and it does.  Once case that comes to my mind in which I was personally involved, was a tragic accident on a highway a few weeks before […]

Why Hire A Lawyer?

Why Hire a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer? If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident you don’t have to hire a Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer. Insurance companies will be happy to negotiate with you directly.  Insurance companies and their claims adjusters know that individuals are less likely to be knowledgeable about the law and […]

Car Accident Insurance

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer discusses Full Tort vs. Limited Tort Car Insurance Selecting the right coverage when you purchase car accident insurance could have a significant impact on your case if you are in an auto accident and the accident is caused by someone else.  If you do not select the right coverage, you may be precluded […]

Truck Load Danger

Truck Load Securement Danger On Tuesday morning The Trentonion reported the truck driver of an 18-wheel tractor-trailer died after his cargo shifted and crushed him.  Christopher Stiff lived only 33 years, after being pinned by his cargo of steel beams.  A car stopped abruptly in front of a traffic light, when the tractor-trailer pulled up […]

Child Injury

Philadelphia Car Accident Lawyer John Fox discusses the danger of an improperly installed car seat and child injury. The world saw Prince William effortlessly buckle his newborn son into his infant car seat this past summer, as mothers and fathers around the world watched in disbelief.  The prince admitted to CNN that “it wasn’t my […]

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