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Supreme Court, Disney, And Trump – A Wild Week In Review

Apr 3, 2024 | Legal News | 0 comments

United States Supreme Court Building

(Photographer: Stefani Reynolds/Bloomberg)

Special guest Liz Dye joins us to talk about the week that was. First, we delve into the abortion pill oral argument where even most of the conservatives scoffed at the right-wing effort to let an Amarillo courthouse second-guess the FDA on science. Almost as though the Chief Justice just tried to crack down on that practice. But along the way, Neil Gorsuch showed off his (lack of) research skills as Alito and Thomas sought to revive the legal legacy of a man who was never master of his domain. Then we check out the end of the showdown between Ron DeSantis and Disney that looks like a major victory for DeSantis until you, ya know, actually read the settlement agreement. Finally, Trump’s got another gag order and went straight to work setting up the inevitable contempt hearing over it.

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