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Sarah Thompson, Environmental Lawyer

Sarah Thompson, an accomplished environmental lawyer in NYC, offers a decade of experience. Specializing in environmental regulations, litigation, and conservation law, she provides expert legal solutions for environmental matters.

New York, NY

10Years of Experience

Environmental Law


With 10 years of experience, she has developed a reputation for being a passionate and adept lawyer who is committed to representing her clients’ best interests.

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Sarah Thompson has established herself as a leading environmental lawyer in Seattle, WA. With 10 years of dedicated experience in environmental law, she has become a vital advocate for environmental conservation and sustainability. A graduate of the University of Washington School of Law, Sarah has an in-depth understanding of environmental regulations and policies.

Sarah specializes in a broad range of environmental legal services, including regulatory compliance, environmental impact assessments, and litigation related to pollution control and land use. She is particularly renowned for her expertise in navigating complex environmental litigation, often involving large corporations and government entities. Sarah’s commitment to environmental protection drives her to achieve successful outcomes for her clients while advocating for responsible and sustainable environmental practices.

Her client-centric approach involves close collaboration with clients to understand their objectives and provide tailored legal strategies. She represents a diverse client base, including environmental organizations, property developers, and businesses seeking to comply with environmental laws.

Apart from her legal practice, Sarah is actively involved in environmental advocacy groups and often participates in public speaking events and seminars to educate and raise awareness about environmental issues.

Practice Areas

– General Practice: Contract Law, Landlord-Tenant Disputes, Small Claims, Estate Planning, Notary Services.

– Personal Injury Law: Auto Accident Claims, Workplace Injuries, Medical Malpractice, Slip and Fall Accidents, Wrongful Death Claims.

Legal Challenges We Can Help with

Environmental compliance, land use disputes, zoning laws, environmental impact litigation, pollution control cases, conservation law, natural resource damage, sustainable development legalities, renewable energy project regulations, wildlife protection, water rights, air quality issues, environmental policy adherence.


– Free Consultation
– Credit Card Accepted


– English: Spoken, Written
– Spanish: Spoken, Written

Professional Experience

– Attorney at Phillips Legal Group: Handling a Broad Spectrum of General Law Cases, Personal Injury Claims.

– Legal Associate at Downtown Legal Clinic: Providing Legal Services in Civil Matters, Client Advocacy.

– Law Clerk at State Court: Assisting in Legal Research and Documentation, Case Preparation.


– J.D., University of Chicago Law School: Focus on Civil Litigation and Tort Law.

– B.S. in Political Science, Boston College: Cum Laude Graduate.


– “Rising Star in Personal Injury Law”, Legal Excellence Awards: Recognized for outstanding achievement and client advocacy in personal injury cases.

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Office Address:
Sarah Thompson, Esq.
Phillips Legal Group
321 Justice Blvd, Suite 210
New York, NY 10005

7 a.m - 7 p.m
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