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philadelphia brain injury lawyerPhiladelphia Brain Injury Lawyer John Fox skillfully works up traumatic brain injury cases.

A traumatic brain injury often results in Short-term and Long-term Memory Loss. Other ill effects of brain injury include personality change, inability to concentrate, and headaches.  A significant factor in diagnosing a brain injury is whether the victim sustained a loss of consciousness.

After a traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs, emergency care of the victim may include long periods of bed rest while the swollen and bruised portions of the brain heal.  Over time, pain may subside and the victim will recover some lost functions. Extreme dizziness may be greatly reduced.  In time, the victim may appear normal to observers. However, family workers, close friends and co-workers often notice personality changes, lack of ability to concentrate, lack of ability to deal with multiple stimuli, irritability and confusion.

Quantifying the losses of a closed head injury victim often requires a lengthy period of time while the immediate effects of the injury heal. Neuropsychologists and other professionals who work with head injury victims are important sources of long-term prognosis and documentation of lost function resulting from brain damage.

Traumatic brain injury is one of the most difficult kinds of severe injuries for the patient and his or her family. Unlike injuries that can be seen, a brain injury is invisible. Head and brain injuries are, indeed, one of the most devastating of traumatic injuries.

Types of Head and Brain Injury

  • An open head injury is a visible assault to the head. This type of injury is more likely to damage a specific area of the brain.
  • closed head injury means the damage has not punctured the skull. In this type of injury, the patient usually receives damage or bruising to many parts of the brain. This is called diffuse damage. There may be a period of unconsciousness immediately following the trauma.
  • Coma is a brain injury that results in prolonged unconsciousness.

Mild brain injury may occur with no loss of consciousness and possibly only a dazed feeling or confused state. People with so-called mild brain injury may experience symptoms and impairments similar to those suffered by the survivor of a coma brain injury. Other symptoms can include chronic headaches, significant forgetfulness or inability to perform simple tasks.

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