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Recommended PA Car Insurance Coverage

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to insurance coverage, however everyone should be aware of the possible consequences of their decisions when choosing their families auto insurance coverage. The only thing worse than you or your children being injured in a car accident, is being injured and without adequate coverage. Let’s examine your […]

IKEA Beach Chair Recall from Conshohocken PA Headquarters due to Reported Collapse and Finger Amputation Injuries

Before the spring thaw, IKEA has recalled over 30,000 MYSINGSÖ beach chairs distributed from their Conshohocken, PA headquarters. Numerous injuries have been reported when the beach chairs collapse, causing fall and finger amputation injuries. IKEA has received 13 reports of incidents with the beach chairs, with 10 incidents including injuries and 6 resulting in fingertip amputations. […]

Top 3 Divorce Lawsuit Mistakes

Happy Divorce Month. January is the top month for filing for divorce. It’s also the top month for online dating. Although nearly half of all marriages end in divorce, new statistics reveal that couples who meet through online dating have a better chance at a successful marriage. For those who are not so lucky, being involved […]

License Plate Stickers Eliminated

Is your license plate registration sticker your reminder to renew your vehicle registration? If so, starting this year, you will need a new reminder. License plate registration stickers are now a thing of the past. Technology has replaced license plate stickers with the Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) in 2017.  The new technology will provide […]

Santa & Mrs. Claus in Car Accident

 Couple known as Santa & Mrs. Claus in Fatal Car Accident Joyce Daniels and husband Jack were heading home after playing Santa and Mrs. Claus in town of when their vehicle ran into ice on the road. Joyce Daniels was killed in the accident. Her husband is recovering in the hospital. The couple were well […]

Is Recording Without Consent Legal?

GIRLFRIEND VIDEOTAPES ABUSE THREATENS BLACKMAIL IF I DON’T STAY IN-LINE Is recording without consent legal in PA? Question:  I have been in a relationship with someone for a year and a half. We recently broke up but still live together. Over the relationship we have fought constantly and at times it has gotten to physical. […]