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Time’s Up. “Me Too Registry” Notifies Multiple Victims of the Same Abuser.

PLEASE SHARE. Time’s up for serial sexual abusers hiding between the cracks. The Me Too Registry is a confidential registry that will notify victims that their perpetrator is a serial abuser, if multiple victims of the same alleged abuser register. Notification will be through a private “You Are Not Alone” email sent to the victims. The […]

VA Hospital Endoscope Contamination in Buffalo NY Victims Should Be Cautious Filing Form 95

I was just contacted by a veteran with respect to the VA Hospital endoscope contamination incident that occurred at the VA hospital in Buffalo, NY. The incident involved the failure to properly disinfect reusable equipment known as endoscopes, used by doctors to explore a patients body during colonoscopies. The contaminated equipment has put 526 VA hospital […]

Harrisburg man killed in motorcycle crash during funeral for cyclist

A man killed in a motorcycle crash in Harrisburg last week died while riding in a funeral procession for a friend who died in a motorcycle crash. Luis Arroyo, 21 and over a dozen of his friends were on motorcycles following behind a hearse containing the body of their friend Gerald “Chucky” Soto.  Soto was […]

Reporting Distracted Drivers: In NJ, thousands cited by fellow motorists

According to reports, the state of New Jersey has received over 1,000 phone calls reporting distracted drivers on New Jersey roads.  That number of civilians reporting distracted drivers continues to rise.   In April, the state expanded the #77 program, which allows motorists to report distracted drivers in an effort to prevent car accidents and fatalities. […]

Wilkes-Barre twp. toddler fighting to survive after vicious dog attack

Kaydence Jakubowski is fighting for her life after the little girl suffered life threatening injuries from a vicious dog attack.    According to reports, the 4-year-old girl from Wilkes-Barre Twp. has a blood clot near her brainstem and a carotid artery aneurysm. Her parents state that her right side is paralyzed and she may never […]

Stroudsburg constables charged with felony related to tinted car window law

Tinted car window law varies by state and failure to abide by the law can get you into legal trouble. As was the case in Pennsylvania where Manual Rodriguez and Roger C. Metzgar were charged with felony perjury and related crimes in a case arising from window tinting one of their cars and the use […]